About Me

Dr. Matthew A McCary

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biology
University of Wisconsin
Department of Entomology
1552 University Avenue

Madison, WI 53706

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Education And Background

B.A. Biology. North Central College, 2006-2010
Ph.D. Biology, focus in Ecology and Evolution. University of Illinois-Chicago, 2010-2016


My research interests center on the fundamental constraints and drivers of biodiversity, specifically how diversity relates to food-web dynamics, ecosystem responses to habitat disturbances such as invasive species and resource pulses, and the feedback loops between food webs and ecosystem processes. I have studied the implications of conservation management of biodiversity in human-dominated landscapes, particularly for insects, spiders and related arthropods. I have also investigated how invasive plants can influence the structure and function of soil food webs in forest ecosystems. My current research examines how vegetation structure alters feedback interactions between soil and plant food webs in sub-arctic Iceland.


Topics of interest: biodiversity; conservation; ecosystem processes; food-web ecology; insect ecology; lake-land linkages; landscape ecology; invasion biology; soil food webs; urban ecology.

Awards And Honors

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology ($207,000), UW-Madison, 2017-2019
Dean’s Scholar Graduate Fellowship ($22,000), UI-Chicago, 2016
Institute for Environmental Science and Policy Fellowship ($10,000), UI-Chicago, 2015-2016
Award for Excellence in Teaching ($100), General Ecology Lab, UI-Chicago, 2014-2015
Elmer Hadley Graduate Research Award ($600), UI-Chicago, 2014
Abraham Lincoln Minority Graduate Fellowship ($25,000), UI-Chicago, 2013-2014
Tracy and Derrick Malone Minority Scholarship ($5,000), NCC, 2008-2009
Associated Colleges of Illinois Liberal Arts Scholarship ($12,000), NCC, 2006-2010


Personal Interests

Chess, fitness training, movies, reading.